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  Biotopia 3D

Biotopia is the latest indie game … … from Magic Storm, our hobby game developer team. It is a mixture of RPG, platformer, jump and run at the same time and above all, a sandbox where the player 's imagination can run wild. The game is being created using Unity and will support more platforms beside the windows pc later. The game is developed with German and English language support, like later followed by other languages??, if the community supports us. The player can explore an extremely large 3d world and modify everything. There is a lot to discover on the land and in the deep underground. A lot of people and monsters can be found. He has the ability to gather resources , even materials, devices, machines, weapons, armor, potions, and also create and improve building from raw materials mined manually, can improve his own skills and interact with NPCs and act. The aim is to survive in a hostile world and to make and cultivate their human inhabitants. Biotopia is in this state completely free and will be funded through donations or paid optional add-ons in the future. We want every call to support us like it was with beta testing, buildings or dungeons created within the game, suggestions for improvement or new ideas! We will have constant updates right here.

Developed and released: June 2015 - Now / Jetzt

Latest version: Early Access, v0.8.60

Supported operating systems:
Windows 7, 8.1, 10 (64 Bit)
DirectX: 9 - 12

Minimum Requirements:
3 GB DirectX12 Graphics Card or better
3 GHz Multicore-Processor
RAM 8 GiByte


Coding & Direction Grafik & Animation SFX
Eric "Firlefanz" Behme Oliver "Buffolli" Müller Bruno "Bee Tracks"
Stand: November 27, 2017 S-A-VE